Metaphysical Crystal and Stone Guide

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Tangerine Quartz                   orangish coated clear quartz
                                                   empathy, right will
Tanzanite                                 transparent purple/blue
                                                   live consciously, spirit based
Tektite (meteorite)                black heavy, pocked
                                                   expand awareness, connect worlds
Tiger Iron                             red, gold, with hematite 
                                                   staying power, self-assurance
Tigereye                               blue bluish black with vitreous
                                                   clarity, third eye
Tigereye, Golden                    golden brown, vitreous
                                                   transformation, balance brain hemisphere
Tigereye, Red                        reddish gray (treated), vitreous
                                                   public speaking, self expression
Topaz, Blue                           light blue, transparent
                                                   clearly speak out, individuality
Topaz, Clear/Silver                 bright clear, slight sheen
                                                   promote connficence, trust ones ideas 
Topaz, Champaign                  Champaign, transparent
                                                   uplift, euphoric, ecstatic visions
Topaz, Yellow                        yellow, gold, transparent
                                                   balance energy flow
Tourmaline, Black                   Schorl, 6 sided crystal, solid black striated
                                                   deflect negative energy, feeling of safety
Tourmaline, Blue                    transparent blue
                                                   focus life purpose, emotional healing
Tourmaline, Green                  dark green, transparent
                                                   seeing with heart, transformation
Tourmaline, Pink                     pink, transparent
                                                   heal old pain, spiritual love
Tourmaline, Watermelon          green w/pink core
                                                   heart chakra, unify self
Tourmalinated Quartz              clear to white with black needles
                                                   solutions, aid in life path, see tourmaline
Tree Agate                            green with white patterns
                                                   abundance, peaceful environment, communicate w/nature
Turquoise                              aqua to turquoise
                                                   inner strength, emotions, aspirations
Turritilla                                marine fossil, gray
                                                   grounding water/earth connection 

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