Metaphysical Crystal and Stone Guide

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Abalone Shell            calcium carbonate seashell, opalescence w/many colors
                                    calming, releasing fear, used in cleansing process 
Actinolite                 hydrous calcium magnesium iron silicate, long green or black blades
                                   Removes unwanted negativity form auric body,
                                   cleanse suffering, receptive to healing energies
Agate, Blue Lace        See Blue Lace Agate
Agate, Botswana        grayish patterns in pink
                                   move toward solution
Agate, Carnelian        See Carnelian Agate 
Agate, Crazy Lace     See Crazy Lace Agate 
Agate, Dentritic        See Dentritic Agate 
Agate, Fire              See Fire Agate
Agate, Holly             See Holley Agate
Agate, Leopard Skin    See Leopard Skin Agate
Agate, Moss            See Moss Agate
Agate, Tree            See Tree Agate
Ajoite                    blue-green copper silicate in quartz
                                 love, healing angelic connections, Divine feminine 
Alexandrite             red-purple changes to blue-green in daylight
                                 joy, good fortune
Amazonite              turquoise, sometimes with whitish streaks
                                 soothe, balance
Amber                   golden, sometimes transparent,
                                 calms, assists in decision, healing
Amethyst, Green     also called Prasiolite.  Green
                                 bridges lower and upper chakras
Amethyst, Purple     lavender to dark purple, transparent to opaque
                                 spirituality, truth awareness, sobriety
Ametrine                purple amethyst and golden citrine
                                 release blocks, spiritual connection
Andalusite               See Chiastolite
Anhydrite                light blue striations
                                   balance, acceptance
Angel Aura               quartz w/platinum
                                   whitish, pear, iridescent
Anhydrite               light blue striations
                                  balance, acceptance
Angel Aura              quartz w/platinum
                                  whitish, pear, iridescent
Anhydrite               light blue striations
                                  balance, acceptance
Angelite                  light blue to gray-blue
                                  balance, psychic communication
Apache Tear (Obsidian) black volcanic glass
                                  comfort during grief, protection
Apatite, Blue           peacock blue
                                  develop service, release suffering
Apatite, Green         green, transparent
                                  nature, animal communication, hourish heart 
Apophyllite              clear
                                  unifies spiritual and physical, astro travel
Aqua Aura               light blue iridescent
                                  aids speaking & telephathy, sharp focus
Aquamarine             light blue
                                  communication & spiritual love
Aragonite                red/orange, orangy brown
                                  grounding truth, overcoming illusions
Aventurine, Blue       blue
                                  masculine, shamanic energy
Aventurine, Green     green, generally with sparkles of mica
                                  balance, acceptance, prosperity, well-being
Aventurine, Peach     peach, generally with sparkles of mica
                                  creativity, fertility, harvest
Aventurine, Pink/Lav. lavender/pink with speckles
                                   energy, spiritual connections
Aventurine, Red        dark burgundy red, some w/sparkle
                                   healing reproductive organs, grounding
Aventurine, White     white w/sparkle
Azeztulite                white
                                   healing, regenration, spiritual connection
Azurite                    dark blue
                                   open third eye, meditation
Barite                     group name of barium sulfates, heavy, Exp. -Desert Rose
                                   frequency of truth, honesty, integrity, harmony 
Berl, Blue               See Aquamarine
Biotite                   brown Mica
                                    improve observation 
Bismuth                 metallic gray and blue
                                  focus, visualization, shamanic journeying
Black Stone            black opaque
Bloodstone             dark green w/red
                                   courage, purity, protection
Blue Lace Agate      See Agate, Blue Lace
Blue Quartz            blue-gray
                                   calming, cleansing, assuring
Boji Stone               gray
                                   balance emotions, stabilize aura
Bone                     white, beige
                                   power & appreciation of animals
                                  awaken higher chakras, interdimensional travel, stimulate 3rd eye
Bronzite                  brown, gold flash
                                    self-expression, strength in discordant places
Buddstone               black, green with white
                                    moves energy in the body, soothing

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