Metaphysical Crystal and Stone Guide

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Ulexite (TV Stone)    clear one way
                                  visualizations, see beyond
Unakite                   green with pink, yellow
                                   deal with past, promotes visions
Variscite                 lime green,
                                   clear negative energy, calmness
Vesuvianite, Green    olive, blotchy
                                   Goddess energy, calm, business cooperation
Vonsen                   See Jade, Blue
Yellow Quartz           yellow to golden
                                   energy, toning solar plexus, comfort, home
Zebra Marble             (marble) black and white stripes
                                   quick recovery
Zebra Stone              sandstone and jasper, striped tan and brick
                                   center, grounded during spiritual work
Zincite                    zinc manganese oxide, orange, yellow, red or green
                                   transformation, spiritual growth, strengthen immune system
Zircon                     zirconium silicate
                                   good for spiritual sensitives, spiritual knowing, develop boundries

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