Metaphysical Crystal and Stone Guide

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Sapphire, Blue           Aluminum oxid, Corundum, hardness 9, deep blue
                                   prosperity, joy, inner peace
Sardonyx                 black or green with white and redish-brown streaks and patches
                                  alleviate depression, build confidence, balance polarity
Schorl                     See Tourmaline, Black 
Scolesite                  off white w/streaks and blotches
                                  inner peace, interdimensional travel, tranquility, awakening the heart
Selenite                   clear
                                 clear energy blocks, see past lives, cleanse
Septarian Nodules     yellow calcite in grayish tan 
                                  personal insights, instigate change
Seraphinite              dark green with silverfish fans
                                  increase connection to spirits, mediumship, align nonphysical bodies, accelerate evolution
Serpentine               light green, lime green
                                  move energy, stress relief, open psychic
Shaman Stone          See Moji Balls
Shiva Lingam            brown & red
                                  raises Kundalini, union of spirit
Silicon                     silver, light weight
                                  future predictions and guidance
Smithsonite              light green
                                  kindness, activate chakras
Smithsonite, Lavender  light lavender
Smithsonite, Pink       light pink
Smithsonite, white     white
Smoky Quartz           light smoky, dark smoky
Snowflake Obsidian     black with white flakes
                                    purity, balance
Soapstone                brown patterns, reds, beige
                                   creativity, see beyond form
Sodalite                   dark blue, sometimes with white or gray
                                   knowledge, self-esteem, rational
Spectrolite               See Labradorite
Staurolite                 See Fairy Cross
Steatite                   See Soapstone
Stilibite                    soft pink, white
                                   loving, acceptance, move on
Strawberry Quartz     cloudy quartz with strawberry lines & swirls
                                   heart energy, feelings of love, enjoy moment
Strombolite               Also called Spurrite, lavender w/white seams
                                   rare form of limestone
Storyteller Stone       power to speak, expression
Stromatolite             fossilized blue-green algae, brown eyes and swirls,
                                   environment cleanser, soothing earthy feel, intervention
Sugilite                     deep purple w/violet
                                   balance brain and other body systems, compassion, forgiveness 
Sunshine Aura            quartz infused with Iron, tangerine color
Sunstone                  cream with reddish-orange
                                   joy, radiance, feeling goodnatured

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