Metaphysical Crystal and Stone Guide

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Quartz, Clear            clear
                                   amplify, transmit, programmable, create power
Quartz, Elestial          clear with raised shapes
                                    assist life path work
Quartz, Opal             See Girasol
Quartz, Rose             See Rose Quartz
Quartz, Rutilated        See Rutilated Quartz
Qyartz, Smoky           See Smoky Quartz
Quartz, Snow White    See Snow Quartz
Quartz, Strawberry    See Strawberry Quartz
Quartz, Tangerine      See Tangerine Quartz
Quartz, Tourmalinated   See Tourmalinated Quartz
Quartz, Yellow           See Yellow Quartz
Quartz w/Chlorite       clear w/ green
                                    inspiration, healing
Rainbow Aura            quartz infused with Titanium, deep blues, greens, pinks and purples
                                    awaken chakras, increase joy and love of life 
Rainbow Fluorite        clear w/green, blues, and purples
                                   wholeness, protection, emotional healing
Red Jasper               brick red
                                   nurturing, balance, sexuality
Rhodochrosite           pink lace
                                   love, heal the heart
Rhodonite                 rose pink & black
                                   unconditional love, self-respect, sooth nerves
Rhyolite                    green and tan with opal
                                   assist change & progress
Rose Aura                 created, quartz bonded to gold and silver 
Rose Quartz              light pink
                                   healing, love, self-esteem
Royal Aura                created - quartz bonded w/titanium, deep iridescent blue
                                    lift spirits, bring peace, stimulate psychic visions
Ruby                        deep red
                                   intensify life force, success, passion
Ruby in Zoisite           red and green
                                   individuality, stimulated psychic
Rutilated Quartz         clear to white with gold streaks
                                   expand positive energy

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