Metaphysical Crystal and Stone Guide

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Obsidian, Black         black volcanic glass
                                   protection, grounding, detachment, shield
Obsidian, Mahogany  brown with black blotches
                                   Earth healing, life work
Obsidian, Snowflake  black with white flakes
                                   purity, balance
Ocean Jasper          also called Orbicular Jasper 
                                  sooth, balance, harmonize
Orange Calcite         See Calcite, Orange
Onyx, Black             black opaque
                                   understanding, mediumship
Onyx, White            white with some semi-transprency
                                  sacred space holder, purity
Opal, Andean, Blue    blue/green
                                   communications, speak freely
Opal, Andean, Pink     light creamy pink, opaque
                                   spiritual awakening, renewal
Opal Aura                  quartz infused with zircon, irridescent
                                   aura cleansing, communicate with angels, access Akashic records
Opal, Fire                varies with flashes of color
                                   sexuality, heal sexual abuse
Opal, Yellow             light mustard yellow, translucent
                                   gentle, emotional healings, dreams and past life healing
Opal, Oregon            yellow to orange
                                   nurturing, cleansing, relief


Peacock Ore            metallic blue
                                   Psychic abilities, self-confidence
Pearl                      white, cream
                                   Integrity, enhance feminine, soothe
Petalite                   dissolve negative energy, angelic
Pectolite                 See Larimar
Peridot                   line green, transparent
                                  personal growth, stress release
Petrified Wood          tan, brown, reddish
                                   ground, stabilize
Phenacite                varies
                                   third eye, inner knowing
Picasso Stone          gray, brown, with streaks of black, browns
                                   intergalactic connections
Picture Jasper          tan to brown with pictures type patterns
                                   global awareness, release negative feelings messages from past
Pietersite                varies with flash
                                   aid meditation, dream work, visions and shamanic journeys
Pink Lazurine           transparent pink/lavender
                                 Divine love, open heart chakra
Pipestone               brick red
                                   Sacredness, healing, survival
Pop Rocks                      joy, high energy
Psilomelane             black/gray with swirls
                                Merlinite—Psilomelane containing quartz
                                grounding, luck, positive outcomes, enhance awareness
Prasiolite                See Amethyst, Green
Prehnite                 pearly green
                                dreaming, remembering & enhancing meditation
Purpurite                break limiting patterns, increase spirituality
Pyrite gold iron
                                stabilizing energy, physical protection
Pyrite, Peacock        See Peacock Ore

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