Metaphysical Crystal and Stone Guide

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Magnesite               white or ivory
                                   see underlying, imagery, promote revolutionary ideas, look at painful issues
Mahogany Obsidian   See Obsidian, Mahogany
Malachite                green w/swirls and eyes
                                  release negativity, clarify emotions, protect
Marcasite                gray w/gold shine, metalic
                                  Spiritual development, psychic protection
Moqi Balls                    Also call Shaman Stone, gray, roundish
                                      energize, shamanic journeying
Moldavite                    olive to green, transparent
                                      change, planetary connections
Moonstone, Green        soft green
                                      enhance flexability, emotional balance
Moonstone, Cream/white cream to white
                                      psychic vision, lunar knowing intuition
Moonstone Rainbow      white with blue flash
                                      psychic vision, lunar knowing, intuition
Morganite                   wet transparent pink
                                      stimulate heart chakra, releasing
Moss Agate                 green with white and semi-transparent areas
                                      strengthen positive, walk the talk
Mother of Pearl          white, pearl
                                    heals friction, flow with life
Muscovite                 Lavendar Mica, lavendar, reflective
                                    contact spirit guides, helps on resolve self-sabotage behaviors   
New Jade                   form of Serpentine, light green
                                      release fears and grief, mental confusion
Nuumite                     dark gray with sparkle, Greenland
                                      defend, prevent, shield, open chakras

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