Metaphysical Crystal and Stone Guide

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Kunzite, Black                       
Kunzite, Clear           clear
                                   soul retrieval, astral healing
Kunzite, Pink             soft pink, form of Spodumene
                                   open heart, universal love, intuition of heart, promote compassion and trust
Kunzite, Blue             silver blue
                                   attune body, aid meditation
Kyanite, Black           black striations
                                   manifest vision, clairvoyance
Kyanite, Blue             light to medium blue, silvery
                                   attune body, aid meditation 

Labradorite, Golden   transparent yellow
                                   conscentration, courage
Labradorite, Silver     Also call Spectrolite, silver gray with blue and gold flashes
                                     connects with purpose, protects energy, increase telepathy
Labradorite, White     Also called Spectrolite, creamy color, reflects iridescent
                                     reflection, intuition, vision
Larimar                   Also called Pectolite, robin egg blue with white patterns
                                     heal the heart and connect soul mates
Larvikite                  dark silvery gray
Lapis Lazuli              dark blue, royal blue with pyrite
                                     mental and psychic ability, powerful protection
Lava                        Basalt, volcanic, grey to black
                                    strength in difficult times, dissipate anger, help during changes 
Lazurite                   See Sugllite
Leopard Skin Agate    pink and tan with circles
                                     heal heartache, unconditional love
Lionskin From Angola, chatoyant w/gold
Lipidolite                 lavender to purple with sparkle
                                     calming, balance emotions, sleep
Lodestone               dark gray, heavy, magnetic
                                     protect from psychic attack

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