Metaphysical Crystal and Stone Guide

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Gabbro                    See Indigo Gabbro
Garnet                    dark red
                                   health, commitment, sexuality
Gem Lithium            dark lavender
                                   enhance communication, emotional balance
Golden Quartz          See Quartz, Yellow
Goldstone, Blue        manmade, dark blue w/sparkles
                                   protect empathic, female healing
Goldstone, Gold        coppery gold w/sparkles
                                   raise one’s frequency, deflect unwanted, distant healing
Grossularite             green speckled
                                   strength, stability

Hematite                metallic silver, heavy
                                  grounding, mental clarity
Herkimer Diamond    clear, brilliant
                                  atttunement, be self
Hiddenite                Green Kunsite, light ‘wet’ green
                                  Release fear, promote compassion
Holly Agate             Translucent light blue with purple tinge
                                 communication between spiritual and physical world, communication,
                                 release distortion in judgement, thankfulness 
Howlite                   white opaque w/black lines
Hypersthene            grayish black, brown or green with luster
                                   solutions, help business relations, discriminating

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