Metaphysical Crystal and Stone Guide

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Indigo Gabbro                       
Infinity Stone           light green
Iolite                      indigo blue
                                   psychic exploration & vision
Jade, Black              black
                                   healing Earth and karma
Jade, Blue (Vonsen)  blue-gray with dark speckles
                                   peace, reflection, patience, joyous nature, see solutions
Jade, Green             olive, opaque
                                   fidelity, soothing, good luch
Jade, Yellow            yellow opaque
                                   aides enlightment 
Jadite, Purple           purple opaque
                                   improves relationships
Jasper, Dalmatian     See Dalmatian
Jasper, Fancy          See Fancy Jasper
Jasper, Green           See Bloodstone
Jasper, Leopard Skin  See Leopard Skin Jasper
Jasper, Ocean          See Ocean Jasper
Jasper, Picasso         See Picasso Jasper
Jasper, Picture         See Picture Jasper
Jasper, Red             See Red Jasper
Jasper, Starry         brick red w/shinny gold
                            see red jasper and pyrite
Jet                        black opaque, light weight
                                  grief, protection form illness

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