Metaphysical Crystal and Stone Guide

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Calcite, Blue             light blue
                                   speaking out, soothe anger
Calcite, Citrine         See Calcite, Honey
Calcite, Green          light green or olive
                                   detoxify physical & emotional body
Calcite, Honey          gold, citrine
                                   meditating and bringing the spiritual and physical together
Calcite, Mangano      bright light pink   
                                   love, forgiveness, communication with angels
Calcite, Optical         clear, mombonearon
                                   clarity on higher levels
Calcite, Optical Pink   transparent light pink
                                   courage to move through despair                
Calcite, Orange         bright orange
                                   healing trauma & abuse, vitality
Calcite, Red              red, light tone, firey tones of redish-orange
                                    emotional safety, release negative feelings
Carnelian                 orange, orange-red, red-brown
                                   creativity, release sorrow, vitality, high energy, living courage to live
Cavensite                royal blue
                                   loving, appraisal of self
Celestite                 transparent blue
                                   connection w/spirits, psychic, personal expression
Cerussite                crystals clear, luster
                                   assist evolutionary change, inner change, self-transformation, realign 
Charoite                  purple swirl w/black
                                   spiritualize daily living, self-esteem
Chalcedony, Blue       light blue
                                   release negative thoughts, honesty, expression emotions
Chiastrolite              warm pinkish brown w/ black cross or x
                                   form of Andalusite, cross stone
                                   awareness, harmony, enhance memory, journey work,
                                   strengthen spiritual discipline
Chrysocolla              turquoise
                                   activate the feminine, grieving
Chrysanthemum Stone brown or black with pattern
Chrysoprase, Green   bright lime green
                                   balance emotions, conflict resolution
Chrysoprase, Lemon  lemon-lime
                                   depression, attracts positive
Cinnabar                  red
                                   bridge true human to Divine
Citrine                     yellow, gold
                                   wealth, mental clarity, business success
Copper                    copper color
                                   grounds spiritual and psychic energy, release restrictions
Coral, Red                red
                                   harmony w/natural forces, inner child work, protection from evil
Coral, Agatized         tan to red
                                   quiet emotions, align chakras
Covalite                  metallic blue
                                   creativity, metal pursuits
Crazy Lace Agate     quartz with hematite and curls of jasper
                                   absorb emotional pain
Crocodile Jasper       See Kambamba Jasper
Cross Stone             See Chiastolite

Dalmatian Jasper   off white w/black spots
                                live with opposites, legal resolution
Danburite             icy clear
                                stimulate mental, compatibility, shine, enhance psychic
Dentritic Agate     transparent to translucent with branch like inclusions, 
                                connect to natural state of being , Earth healing 
Diamond              clear
Diopside               varied
                                heal trauma, humility, respect
Dioptase              emerald green mass
                                opens intuition & higher mental abilities, focus attention
                                relieve stress, help muscles
Dravite                      protection, peace
Dumortierite         Denim blue with black
                                emotional strength, speaking the truth, increase imagination, stimulate intellect,
                                enhance speech

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