Metaphysical Crystal and Stone Guide

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E - F

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Emerald                 green
                                  successful love, enhance memory
Epidot                    olive green speckle
                                  purging negative emotions, personal power

Fairy Cross              See Staurolite
Fancy Jasper           blue-greens with reds, creams, and other colors
                                   having fun 
Fire Quartz              light transparent to fiery orange
Fire Agate               brownish orange to pale tans & opalescent w/fire
                                   be best, clear blockages, balance
Fluorite, Blue           translucent blue
                                   calming, clear communications
Fluorite, Green         translucent greens
                                   discern, release trauma
Fluorite, Lavender     translucent lavender
                                   discern, unite spiritual w/physical
Fluorite, Purple         translucent purple
                                   unite spiritual, psychic connection
Fluorite, Rainbow      multi-colored
                                   emotional wholeness, protection
Fossil                      brown, gray, black
                                   stimulate ancient wisdom
Fuchsite                  Chromium Muscovite,
                                   silver & green, related to mica
                                   feminine creative healing, earth healing 

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